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To all new readers
Posted by Patrik Thursday 10th February 2011 - 18:11:51
This is my old webpage. Just needed a reliable place to host the preview library. Account registration is disabled.
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Good bye
Posted by Patrik Sunday 16th May 2010 - 17:03:23
When we created GF a few years ago the goal was simple; a group of friends who play together and help each other. A group of people who could trust each other. This worked out quite well and we got a few members. We had people on the forum where we shared things we found, discussed things and planned events. GF grew quite fast, the steam group started reaching 50 members while the forum had around 20. This is where the fall of GF began. Even though many attempts people did not register in the forums, in fact, they did not even react on the news posts in the group.

At the same time the forums stopped being active. One of the important grounds in GF was breaking down. GF did not mean anything to anyone anymore, people just joined because they wanted to be in a group, not in the group. Not even the active people we had cared about GF, it served no purpose to them, for all they cared there was no need for the group at all.

So, after discussing a long time as well as just thinking about it Trucker and I decided to schedule for the shutdown of Good Friends. We had a great time together but it is time to move on.

Good bye from the GF admins, Patrik Swedman and Trucker

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Patrik Swedmans Server
Posted by Patrik Tuesday 4th May 2010 - 09:01:04
Since most of the servers weren't visible in the server list here on the webpage I've manually added them. Add servers should now be displayed in the list.
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Good Radio - Our web radio station
Posted by Patrik Thursday 14th January 2010 - 19:54:25
I've tried to set up a web radio station and to my surprise I detected that it worked.

It won't be up very much until some testing has been done but when it is up you can find it here:

Check status here:
Right click -> Save as, then open with VLC:
Or open this in Firefox:

Right click the "Save Link As" on .m3u and then open the saved file in vlc.

I'll try to tell when I am sending.

Also, music suggestions over skype / mumble please.

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Mumble Server!
Posted by ZeepaAan Thursday 7th January 2010 - 23:25:53
Last month we bought a Ventrilo Server. It failed miserably due to peoples lack of interest , compability issues and people hating the program. Then we started searching a new voice communication software and found Mumble.

Mumble is an open source voice communication program dedicated to gaming. The biggest reason why we changed was the reason that people didn't like ventrilo. Though, I knew that those people liked Mumble.

You can download Mumble from
The IP is

The IP and port are two seperate fields so don't just paste the IP. And please use your normal nickname on the server.

Any suggestions, feedback (positve or negative) or questions, post a comment, reply on the forum or send a steam message to ZeepaAan or Chili Banan.

Note: The mumble server is public and we can therefore not control who's getting in on the server. Be nice to everybody that joins the server.

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